ELIPEO  fct_Artist
matter mind machines
are dancing,
with parallels 
true image        fake object
     true object        false fakeness
digital simulation
physical reality
3D simulation
90 x 87 cm
The visual scenery "Sim & Real" plays a paradoxal game between the mental nature of the Image - medium of illusion, and the physical materiality of the Sculpture which acts as "truth", quiddity of object in our body space, triggering a sensation of reality  
real scenery
the unity of the 3D parametric core through a successive order of steps creates a cognitive continuum
between simulation & simulacra.
Printed Sculpture
scuplture in its 3D printer
The physical world is abstracted in a cube, inside which each point of the XY surface is defined on the Z-height for receiving and solidifying its droplet of molten material
fusing the artist experience & the maker expertise = to feel & create, conceive & construct ,
in the back & forth directions : top --> down & bottom -->up... & don't forget to forget
The interaction between the sensitive spirit of geometry embodying the 3D modelling research, the simulation of the printer movements through the slicer and the control (write/read) of the G-code converter, is the state of the art and a source of beauty, remember: don't forget to forget.
Geometrical Beauty
3D Organic Structure
last PLA terraces of the 1801 layers which form the whole scuplture ////
void volume structured by a continuous surface
optimal human shaped nature
Hydra & Protopod
hydra vulgaris : 10 x 1 mm
protopod_hollow shell
shaped plexiprint (h 90 x w 60 cm)
The (zoological) hydra reconstitutes itself entirely identical from amputated pieces. It is the ideal animal to personify the utopia of the 3D printer as universal replicator. The protopod, as biomorphic polygonal simulation, is freely inspired by the aquatic structure of the hydra and then transposed in the field of the ground gravity specific to 3D printers.
& protomorphism
Protopod's Island
scenography 2017
In an artistic research on invariants and universals, the protomorphism aims to be a classification strategy of "prime/primal/pristine" shapes : a synthesis between the intuitive sense of the generic form, pattern for immediate recognition and the 3D shaping of the Real by strict elementary formulas (geometric primitives, vector and polygonal modelling, algebraic surfaces, particles flows, generative process, parametric textures ...)
SAGA FAB : a story-shaping